County LTD in Los Feliz has the Charm of Little Shops & More!

County LTD

Local, little shops are not the only places where you can get unique articles at good prices. They have a special charm that some people in particular find irresistible. If you are one of those who enjoy taking their time and looking for something you don’t really know what is, County LTD is your place in Los Feliz. From simple, classy clothing to home-wares, furniture, and art, you can find unique stuff at great prices. Good taste and really friendly customer service are some of the features you can find in this store.

County LTD

In most of their reviews on Instagram highlight the fact that County LTD offers very original new and vintage items. They recently opened up a section in the back of the store for the public to shop their stylish articles. “Retro” is the first thing that may come to your mind when you shop in this place. However, it’s something quite different from your typical LA store. This is not just old stuff: there’s a criterion, good taste, and finesse.

County LTD
1837 Hyperion Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 741-8337


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