Courtney + Kurt Introduce You to the Atwater Village Area

Courtney + Kurt

For over fifteen years, Courtney Smith and Kurt Wisner have been part of the beating heart of several neighborhoods in Los Angeles, introducing and bringing in new people to Atwater Village, Silver Lake, Echo Park, Los Feliz, and the surrounding areas. Their shared real estate agency is a remarkable team of experts that deeply care about the area. Not only that, but they are always making an effort to help the communities grow. Each member of their team is intent on helping folks find the right place to live. 

Communities such as Los Feliz and Silver Lake are often sought out by countless people across Los Angeles as ideal living spaces. After all, this is in part due to the beautiful homes available across the area. However, it is also because of the infinite possibilities for dining, entertainment, and nightlife. The team at Courtney + Kurt is ready to introduce you to the wonderful assets of the area. Their extensive catalog of properties has something for everyone currently looking to settle at across some of the most popular areas of Los Angeles. 

Courtney and Kurt

Are you looking for a property in the general area? Do you need help finding the right place for you in Atwater Village? Well, look no further. Courtney + Kurt are here to guide you through the many possibilities of this unique neighborhood. By calling them at (323) 667-0700 or visiting their website at you can learn more about their available listings. Additionally, you might even be able to visit them at their Atwater Village office in order to consult with them personally.

Courtney Smith + Kurt Wisner Real Estate Team 

9am – 6pm

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