Detox Your Health with Juice in Atwater Village

juice in atwater village

It finally here! A new Juice in Atwater Village that provides an assortment of juices and products to give your body the nourishment it needs. Ditch food for a week and cleanse your body through beneficial options like the keto kind cleanse, the detox, the decrease, the Monday reboot and more. The Juice LA brings there own unique touch to help their clients live a long and healthy life. 

In addition, to the awesome cleanse the Juice LA offers the provides raw organic veggies, fruits and more. They also provide food options, smoothies, and more for daily consumption. Come on by the Juice LA and try their products and live a healthier lifestyle. You’re body will thank you later! 

Atwater Village

3145 Glendale Boulevard

Los Angeles, California, 90039


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