Italian Restaurant In Van Nuys: Savor A Taste Of Italy

italian restaurant


When you visit Napoli’s Pizza Kitchen, you’ll experience the flavors of garlic, herbs, and olive oil that will remind you of the early restaurant days. Simply put, you get a taste of Italy when you dine in with us. Even if you choose to deliver our food options to your doorstep, you still get that amazing dining experience. In our authentic Italian restaurant, you get to eat fresh Roma tomatoes. We aim to give you food that will make you feel and think that we’re family. We use our family’s Italian favorites as the foundation of what we offer. That’s why it’s common to see woodfired pizza. But we don’t just serve pizza. We also provide toasted ravioli and meatballs. They’re popular appetizers that you can’t resist. We are proud to serve our customers the highest rate pizza in Van Nuys and all over the valley. The pizza options here are served with fresh ingredients. If you’re craving those classic pizza toppings, you sure can find them here. And if you have an unusual taste, opt for our lamb sausage pizza or basturma pizza. Our Alfredo Chicken prosciutto Arugula will also please your Italian dish cravings. If you’re not sure what to get with a variety of options on our menu, you might want to try the Napolis Combo. It’s the best, according to our Yelp reviewers. What makes our pizza stand out is that we add special tomato sauce, green peppers, mozzarella cheese, and black olives, among others. These are the top ingredients that will make for an authentic Italian pizza. Although our authentic pizza is the top option when you visit Napolis Kitchen, you may not find the pizza toppings that you fancy. That’s fine. Just tell us what you want and we can create your own pizza. But Napoli’s Kitchen isn’t all about pizza. As mentioned, we also serve different pasta dishes, like portobellos mushrooms and eggplant parm. We guarantee that all of the dishes we serve will whet your appetite. Many of our customers are stopping by our restaurant to eat a few pies while others opt for our sandwiches.

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