Los Feliz Slow Streets Are Helping Us Spend More Time Outside Responsibly

los feliz slow streets

If you live in Los Feliz, you might have noticed that a few streets have been closed for through traffic. Mainly, they closed Rodney Drive between Ambrose and Prospect Avenues. Additionally, they closed Ambrose, Finley, and Melbourne Avenues between Vermont and Commonwealth Avenues. This is part of Streets For All’s initiative for Slow Streets in Los Angeles. Through this project, the city aims to improve upon the remaining quarantine period in the city and allow residents to spend more time outdoors. Our very own Los Feliz slow streets are here to give our community more room to responsibly walk, run, bike, and more.

Streets for All

“For the critical reasons of equity, mental health, safety, and the physical well-being of Angelenos,” reads the Streets for All website, “we ask the City of LA to authorize the pilot of an emergency people street network – using cones or other temporary infrastructure – to create additional sidewalk and open space for people to walk, run, scoot, and bike in, while maintaining 6’ of distancing.” Through the implementation of these closed streets, communities can increase access to public space for active social distancing without risking crowding. Not only that but they are also reclaiming some of the excessive space designated for motor vehicles in Los Angeles, changing the notion of public space in general.

Enjoy Los Feliz Slow Streets

Are you feeling cooped up because of the extended quarantine? Do you feel like you’re not spending enough time outdoors? Well, the Los Feliz slow streets can help you with that. You can now go out on walks, runs, biking rides, and more with the help of these pedestrian streets. Sure, they aren’t exactly life as we knew it, but they can help us for now. If you’d like to know where exactly to find these slow streets, check out the active map.

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