Quick Catchup on How Financing Helps Struggling Restaurants In Los Angeles

Restaurants in Silver Lake

Many small businesses and even larger ones in the United States have been affected by Covid-19. The area of Kirkland in Eastside, Los Angeles, has been particularly affected as it has been seen as the epicentre of the coronavirus epidemic. Thanks to online fundraisers, a flicker of hope has enabled many businesses in the area to stay afloat. 

Last year, 2020, was a year of turbulence for businesses where they could scarcely pay their rent or mortgages. They had to forget about expanding their businesses or getting loans as some business owners didn’t even have money in the bank. 

The Eastside was a vibrant central neighbourhood, with lots of new shops that had opened up. While many of us have been stuck indoors during the pandemic, many of these new and established businesses have ground to a halt. 

The neighbourhood of Atwater Village, Whittier Boulevard, a hub of commerce and a restaurant in Los Feliz have all been impacted in different ways by the virus. 


Even people’s behavior under the spotlight

For many businesses, they’ve had to close because of the behavior of some people during the pandemic Restaurants in Silver Lake that have closed their doors have included, among others, Cliff’s Edge after being 16 years in business and Mh Zh with its sidewalk-seating. 

Luckily, there are some spanking new restaurants that have opened in Los Angeles and between them, they offer outdoor and indoor dining, as well as takeaways and delivery services. 

Santolina is a new rooftop restaurant serving up Mediterranean food and amazing views of Los Angeles. There’s also The Bungalow Kitchen in Long Beach that is guaranteed to have something you love on its fascinating menu. 

Look at Hugo’s Tacos in Atwater Village. It’s a Mexican restaurant that had to close temporarily after the restaurant endured abuse and harassment simply for requesting that customers adhere to the state-mandated face masks and social distancing. 

The LA community has come together to support restaurants like this and the GoFundMe was formed to support employees while the taco restaurant took a break. Another business owner who ran Pilates & Arts and lived in Echo Park for more than 25 years has to start offering online classes as a means to keep her studio open.

She also opened a GoFundMe fundraiser, which helped cover some business costs but she had to close her doors last August. 

Other businesses also closed despite efforts to fundraise on GoFundMe. But for others, it’s given them the chance to open again and this is thanks to GoFundMe and other crowdfunding platforms used by businesses.


GoFundMe extends lifeline to businesses

As cities around the world struggle to fund economic revitalization during and after covid-19, fundraisers online have extended a lifeline to businesses in the Eastside. 

Many people have come up with exciting virtual events to raise money to help people and businesses in need. They serve meals for unemployed workers and generally help those businesses impacted financially during the pandemic and to keep their favorite restaurants in business.

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