Where to Strike Vegan Gold in Silver Lake

My Vegan Gold

By Andrew Bagby 


Los Angeles is in no shortage of vegan / vegetarian options. Even at local taco trucks, vendors are all to familiar with those seeking-plant based options as opposed to your normal asada taco. Thankfully you can get something more luxurious than a bean and cheese burrito in most corners of the city. With the opening of Moby’s Little Pine, vegan food is becoming more of a staple in affluent neighborhoods where those who might have a stash of various farmers market tote bags choose to rent. However, many vegan places only cater to those looking for a more refined experience.

A hidden gem in Silver Lake is easy to spot on Sunset, across from the iconic “Solutions / Elliot Smith” mural, called My Vegan Gold Edition. I’m unsure if there was a previous “edition” of my vegan, but this location quickly became one of my favorite spots.

It’s interior is clean and contemporary with a very casual dining vibe. The patrons tend to be varying from large party crowds, dates, to business meetings. Without compromise, the large faux grass type on a red brick wall that reads VEGANISM is loud and proud. In my experience, you rarely see people so outwardly advertising that someplace is vegan, more so trying to cater to those turned away by the idea. But, on a daily basis there is a steady crowd of regulars and tourists frequenting My Vegan.

Here you’ll find a large variety of options, with a massive menu. They even offer daily specials, as well as fresh pressed juice. Specials range from vegan pasta dishes, pastries, as well as the elusive vegan ramen, which was spectacular. Putting up a fusion of thai cuisine, Mexican, as well as standard American foods has faired well as each menu item is carefully constructed. Each dish is prepared individually and given it’s own personal presentation from the very friendly and attentive staff.

Their Instagram account boasts a plethora of shots. Granted their food is constantly being photographed as every meal I’ve eaten there is usually neighboring someone delicately holding their phone over their dish to get that perfect straight down angle. My Vegan Gold Edition also offers a large variety of beverages for those just looking for something quick. From thai iced tea, Americanos, pineapple lemonade, to kombucha as well.

My Vegan Gold holds true to their roots and is a proud member of the Silverlandia community, offering high quality dishes for reasonable pricing that anyone can afford. “We believe in creating the best tasting food, by using only the highest quality, plant based produce. Our menu offers a wide variety from noodles and wraps to burgers, pasta, paninis, rice and breakfast dishes. All sourced locally from organic, small farms to best serve our local community.” – Owner of My Vegan Gold


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