Making the Most Out of Your Summer Quarantine

summer quarantine

Let’s be honest, a summer quarantine doesn’t sound fun at all. Everything that makes summer enjoyable isn’t exactly an option right now. You can’t make plans with your friends, nor can you head over to the beach or the pools with them. Well, maybe it’s not the summer you’d like, but you can still find ways to enjoy it. Here are our tips for a good summer quarantine.

This Summer Quarantine, Get Some Sun

Do you feel fatigued or sore? You might be experiencing the effects of not getting enough vitamin D. The solution is to head out and get some sun! We are not meant to stay inside for so long, we need our regular intake of sunlight. This summer, enjoying the sun might be a little bit harder than usual. Still, nothing’s stopping you from trying! Apply some sunscreen, grab a blanket or a towel, and put on your face mask. Head over to a nearby park and lay down in the sun for a while. 

Exercise Responsibly

Were you telling yourself that this was going to be the summer in which you finally debuted your summer body? We all were. The good thing is that pressure no longer exists. It’s not like you’ll be having any beach hangouts or pool parties anytime soon. Still, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exercise. Get started on next year’s summer body by exercising during your quarantine. Sure, gyms are closing again, but you can find other ways of working out. You can go jogging or work out at a park. If you don’t want to go out, you can also do exercises at home.

Take a Day Trip Somewhere Nice

Part of the charm of summer includes the chance to travel. Right now it’s not the time to get on airplanes or to stay in hotels, but you can go out on a nice day trip somewhere in the general area. How about a hike in scenic Malibu? Or a trip to the Angeles National Forest? You can even just drive up the coast, pick up some food at a nice place, and eat it overlooking the ocean. There are still ways to make this summer quarantine feel special. You just need to look for them.

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