The Best Pizza in Silverlake Is a Treat for Neapolitan Lovers

Best Pizza in Silverlake

When you ask people where they could find the best pizza in Silverlake, you’ll likely get a bunch of different answers. But for many loyal patrons, there is only one answer: Pizzana. 

A brainchild of renowned chef Danielle Uditi, this spot has been a favorite among pizza lovers on the west coast. If you think you can only get a good slice in New York City, Pizzana can change that impression in a snap. 

Simplicity Done to Perfection

Every pizza spot has its own way of doing things. In the case of Pizzana, it’s taking a classic and simple Neapolitan pizza formula and turning it into a special delicacy that they can call their own. 

Their sauces, for one, are made from San Marzano tomatoes. Their cheeses are imported fior di latte. All their other menu items like the cacio e pepe have been everyone’s favorite. 

The “Slow Dough”

This one is another signature of Pizzana. Simply put, it’s their dough prepared using organic and stone-ground flour. The dough will then be fermented for a total of 48 hours, giving it a light crust that won’t leave you feeling like you have a rock in your stomach. Your heart, however, will be filled with joy and fulfillment. 

A Unique Ordering System 

Unlike other pizza joints, Pizzana will give you two choices for your pie: ‘ready to eat or ‘heat and slice.’ The latter is more for those who prefer to save their pizzas for later consumption while still enjoying that distinct freshness. That’s a champion option if you’re a pizza purist. 

Pizzana has several locations outside of Silverlake, and all branches are open from 11:30 AM to 10 PM from Sunday to Thursday and 11:30 AM to 11 PM every Friday and Saturday. 

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