There’s No Place I’d Rather Be Than Izakaya Osen

Japanese Silver Lake


Japanese Silver Lake

Izakayas are Japanese drinking restaurants that offer simple dishes. Izakaya Osen is unique in bringing you the freshest seafood and premium sushi, sashimi, raw bar, and Japanese fusion dishes. Some of their menu items include kushiyaki (skewers), nabe (hot pot), Blue Crab Uni Bowl, and A5 Wagyu. Although expensive, A5 Wagyu is amongst the highest quality of cow meat and the highest quality of marbled meat, which denotes a high degree of fine-grained fat dispersed within the meat. The Wagyu beef is so tender it will melt like butter in your mouth. The interior of the restaurant has loads of wooden decor and a Sakura tree in the middle. Don’t miss out on Silver Lake’s best Japanese food.

Izakaya Osen

2903 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

(323) 928-2220

Mon to Thurs 12:30pm – 11pm, Fri to Sat 12:30pm – 12am, Sun 12:30pm – 10pm