Tips for Local LA Restaurants to Ensure Maximum Pandemic-Related Safety

LA restaurant

On April 17, 2021, the Department of Public Health LA County published new protocols for restaurants after the country’s infection rate entered orange tier 3, which was good news to LA residents. According to Governor Gavin Newsom, California hopes to move away from the tier system after successfully vaccinating 20 million people. 

This is good news to the LA restaurant business that has seen many established restaurants close their doors for good. Some restaurants have returned to business, although under strict safety protocols against the pandemic. 


Employee vaccination 

All restaurant owners in LA have taken responsibility to ensure all their employees are fully vaccinated as a way to protect them and the customers they serve. This conforms with the LA county’s vigorous program to vaccinate as many residents as possible. 

To date, the county has vaccinated approximately 200 million people and is buying more vaccines to ensure it has enough in its stores. Some of the best restaurants in LA county are found in the Atwater Village, Los Feliz, and Silver Lak neighborhoods. 


Indoor dining at half capacity 

A visit to restaurants located in Atwater Village and other areas will reveal that the seating capacity for indoor dining customers has been cut by half. The residents had shown their support to the restaurant workers during the 2020 lockdown by raising money to help them take care of their families. Now that the restaurants are open, the resident’s support is not wavering because they are choosing to dine in the restaurants. 


Drive-through services

LA restaurant owners have not ceased from creativity. Because the indoor dining is limited, the rest of the clients are being served in a drive-through arrangement. Some clients pre-order their food and once they get to the restaurant, a service staff delivers the food to the client’s car and they continue with their journey to eat at home or another place. 


Outdoor eating 

This arrangement is common in all the regions including Atwater Village, Los Feliz, and Silver Lak areas. Outdoor eating is safer because the eating area is open and clients sit at distances not less than 6-foot from one seat to the next. This is a safe distance even if a client coughed. 


Use of technology

According to the National Restaurant Association, it is time restaurants embraced the use of technology to ensure maximum safety for workers and customers. Restaurants in LA County have already embraced technology and have introduced ordering apps and automated ordering systems. The restaurants are encouraging cashless payments in a bid to reduce the chances of close contact with customers. 


Home deliveries

Although this arrangement started before the pandemic, it gained greater popularity during the pandemic season, especially in the months when restaurants were not operating. After the rules were relaxed, more clients began ordering food for home and office delivery. 

The arrangement might cost the client some extra money because the restaurant needs to hire delivery clerks or outsource the service. Home delivery teams are trained to handle food safely in a pandemic era and the packages are sealed with cough-resistant seals.

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