Top 5 Italian Restaurants in Silver Lake

top 5 Italian restaurants in Silver Lake

When it comes to choosing a type of cuisine for your next big night out in Silver Lake, the answer absolutely has to be Italian! Italian food is so wide and varied and packed full of amazing ingredients that it is impossible not to find something on the menu that you will love. The variety of dishes means that Italian food is the perfect compromise for families and friendship groups who all have different tastes and preferences!

Italian is a favorite cuisine of Los Angelinos and there is a wealth of eateries in the metropolitan area. To help you make up your mind as to where you should book a table, here is a list of the top 5 Italian restaurants in Silver Lake that are definitely worth checking out!


Top 5 Italian Restaurants In Silver Lake

1. Binanti’s Taste Of Italy

The clue is very much in the title with this restaurant. If you are looking for an authentic taste of Italy in the middle of Silver Lake, then Binanti’s is definitely the place to go! Word of mouth has seen this establishment go from strength to strength, and the wide array of dishes on the menu will definitely include something that you either love or have never had before. Whether you want to be adventurous or stick to what you know, Binanti’s is great!

2. Luisa’s Pizza

Of course, what do you expect when you opt for Italian food? That’s right, a wonderful selection of pizza options! Pizza is something that the Italians take very seriously, and that definitely comes through in the skill and invention at Luisa’s.

3. Paisano’s

If you want to have a lovely evening with friends or family in an outdoor dining setting, then Paisano’s is one of the best choices in the Silver Lake area. The long-running establishment has plenty of seating and tables outside to offer that quintessential al fresco experience!

4. Wood Silver Lake

If you have never had proper wood fired pizza before, then it’s time to change that immediately at Wood Silver Lake! As one of the top 5 Italian restaurants in Silver Lake, its biggest selling point is the wide array of beautiful wood-fired pizzas that is has on its menu. There’s something for everyone from meat eaters to vegetarians those who like to live life on the spicy side!

5. La Pergoletta

This great restaurant is located on Sunset and features all of the best and most beloved Italian dishes made to a high quality standard. The beauty of Italian cuisine is that simple ingredients turn into complex and fantastic dishes, and La Pergoletta serves up some perfect examples.

If you want to sample the delights at one of these top 5 Italian restaurants in Silver Lake, then make sure to book a table ASAP! The more popular the place is, the longer you will have to wait for a reservation but staying on top of what is hot and what is not at Silverlandia can be super helpful. Silverlandia has all of the best local information that will help you in making any important decisions about dinner dates.

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