How to Keep Your Los Angeles Restaurant Functional During the Pandemic


Keeping the restaurant business afloat in Los Feliz after the pandemic is like a delicate trapeze walk. The restaurant owners have to worry about their safety and the customers’ safety while making up for the losses incurred during months of shut down. Increasing sales and attracting new customers is the best way to achieve more profit. Try these useful tips to make your restaurant functional and profitable by overcoming the current challenges. 


Arrange for takeaways

Create a mobile app specifically for the Mideast side of Los Feliz targeting locals living in Atwater Village, Echo Park, and Silver Lake. Arrange for them to order online from your restaurant specifically and deliver takeaways for a discount if they use your app. 

Restaurant owners will get more business through their app than getting listed among many other competitors in a typical delivery app like Zomato. Besides, they can track valuable data like what the customer likes most and offer a modified variety of famous dishes to increase regular customers. 


Leverage the Pandemic unemployment

The pandemic had opened the doors for cheap labor in the area, and many artists and delivery boys are available for a low cost. Hire part-time delivery boys to cover the Atwater village areas in a short period delivering your packages. Tie up with artists to perform in your restaurant for partnership instead of paying them. 

Share a percentage of the tickets sold for their show and give out liberal discounts for the show tickets to all those who order takeaways and use the app. If possible, arrange for live streaming of the show through the app and arrange for the customers to view it for a low subscription fee. 


Pandemic safety with cause marketing

Management gurus stress on differentiating the products and showcasing the deliverables triumphantly to the customers. Showcase how strict measures keep the restaurant safe, like making every person visiting the restaurant wear the restaurant-provided gloves and discarding them when they leave. 

Showcase posters about disinfecting the restaurant at regular intervals and how you do it with natural products created by locals living in Echo Park and Silver Lake. Use cause marketing to showcase how you help the community, and eating in your restaurant generates a life source for the artists and locals making disposable gloves in the area. 


Deals that you cannot ignore

Bombard customers with offers like free food delivery if they order for a party of more than eight or ten people. Provide hefty discounts for signature dishes if they are pre-order before 24 hours and book tables on the weekend before Thursday. Give extra freebies like a dessert or drink to people buying tickets for the artist’s show and visiting the restaurant to watch them perform. 

Sell ready-to-make food packets with all the necessary ingredients in the right quantity and instructions to prepare the restaurant’s special menu. The customer can now relish a dish for a good discount and try to create the same item for their family by buying the package.

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