Kenbey Sushi Restaurant: The Next Favorite Restaurant for Fish Fans

sushi restaurant

If you’re a fish fan, then you’re going to love this news! The former Ramen Bangaichi is now a sushi restaurant. If you happen to be in Silver Lake and craving sushi or Shio-Koji marinated lamb chop, then make sure to swing by Kenbey. It’s chef’s Kenji Koyama’s Japanese sushi restaurant, Kenbey Sushi. 

Fancy, High-End Sushi Restaurant 

Kenbey is situated in an already growing sushi scene. It does have a lot of competition. However, Kenbey would still stand out in the scene considering that it offers a balance of fancy sushi and casual dishes. Anyone who wishes to eat sushi but doesn’t want to look like a novice must drop by Kenby.

Fine Dining 

Chef Koyama is known for his health-conscious Japanese restaurant, Necco, which is a beloved Japanese restaurant by health-conscious individuals, including the pop singer Lorde. 

The Menu 

Fine dining is a mixture of various factors. But the most important aspect of it is a well-crafted menu. Kenbey has outstanding authentic Japanese dishes. Thanks to Chef Koyama’s award-winning creations.

The Must-Try Dishes

There are a lot of options for everyone at Kenbey. Try Lotus Root Croquettes if you’re not sure what to order. It’s deep-fried lotus root. It feels crisp on the outside but delicious inside. 

Monkfish liver or ankimo is a winter delicacy in Japan but it’s gaining popularity in sushi bars all year round. Chef Koyama has perfected the art of preparing it. It’s truly a must-try when you’re at this sushi restaurant. 

Are You Craving The Savory Tastiness of a Sea Urchin? 

Don’t miss Kenbey’s beautiful, savory, mouth-watering Santa Barbara sea urchin. Want to try puffy rice? Kenbey serves it with fresh tuna. Now, that’s a different kind of puffy rice square. Then, its yellowtail sashimi is flavored with jalapeño


The vibe at Kenbey is reminiscent of an upscale NY restaurant. But it accentuates the food and ensures its visitors will have an unforgettable experience. Its tables and bar seats are typically filled with individuals or couples on dates. But friends and families enjoy their time here drinking sake. 

Superb Service 

You can’t have a fine dining experience without superb service. And this is why Kenbey sushi restaurant wins. The staff puts on a great deal of thought into providing top-notch customer service. Every time you dine here, you’ll feel that the money you spent was well worth it. Kenbey strives to go beyond simply taking your orders and delivering them to your table. Instead, they pay attention to every little detail that the customer has. Its standard is to provide an above-and-beyond level of customer service

Get a Table Now 

If you’re looking forward to spending time with your significant other eating the best sushi in West LA, Kenbey is a star. It offers a rotating menu and many vegan-friendly options. And with a fine dining experience, it might be your next favorite sushi restaurant. Call (323) 928-2177.


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