Cuties, Silver Lake’s LGBTQ Coffee Shop, Needs Your Help

lgbtq coffee shop

Public LGBTQ spaces in most cities tend to be relegated to very specific environments. Most of these places are clubs and bars. This ends up being a problem for LGBTQ people underage, as well as those uncomfortable with alcohol-heavy environments. There is a void, even in cities such as Los Angeles, for LGBTQ-friendly spaces open to all ages. In the last few years, that void has been filled by Cuties, an LGBTQ coffee shop in between Silver Lake and East Hollywood. They have provided plenty of LGBTQ people of all ages with a safe space for them to interact with each other and meet new people. Right now, however, they are struggling to stay afloat and they need your help.

Cuties LGBTQ Coffee Shop

According to their website, “Cuties is a queer social space that isn’t a bar or nightclub, making it accessible to young people and anyone uncomfortable in alcohol-oriented environments, which is rare and important”. Under normal circumstances, this LGBTQ-owned and operated coffee shop hosts a variety of weekly events. This makes them more than just a passive location. They are an active part of the neighborhood. Their effort doesn’t stop merely being an LGBTQ coffee shop. Instead, they aim to create a stronger sense of community among queer individuals of all ages. It’s this active role in the LGBTQ community that makes Cuties so beloved by their loyal customer base.

Support Cuties

Of course, Cuties is currently unable to operate full service as usual. Conveniently, you can still order delivery from them using GrubHub. However, they are looking for support beyond just ordering from them. If that’s the only way through which you can help them, it’s definitely a lot! But, if you can help beyond that, Silver Lake’s resident LGBTQ coffee shop has a Patreon you can support. By ordering something from them, and maybe donating some money, you can help this social beacon for LGBT individuals to stay afloat during the pandemic.

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