Locale brings your favorite food to Silver Lake, Echo Park and Los Feliz…Langer’s Deli, Burritos La Palma, La Morra Pizzeria and more!

Locale Press 1

Have you ever found yourself craving your favorite food but just didn’t want to drive across town to get it? Well, Locale is finally in LA to save the day! After launching in the Bay area, founders Chris Clark and Jonathan Friedland wanted to bring Locale to one of the top cities with the best food scene in the US. Jonathan studied at UCLA and as a foodie, he experienced firsthand the need for a service like Locale. A service that keeps you connected to the food you love, even if you live hours away. With Locale, you can order food from the most iconic eateries around LA and get them delivered to your door in one box every Friday for only a $5 delivery fee.

Locale’s business model is built around the needs of local businesses and farms, putting them first. That’s why when you order on Locale, you wait a few days to get your delivery. Locale’s business partners need this time to plan their production so that they can eliminate waste and give their staff the time that they need to make their amazing products.

Locale also values all of its stakeholders, including their drivers. They pay them very well; a flat rate and per mile so they guarantee them at least $25/hour. Drivers sign up days ahead of time with full knowledge of how much they’re going to make.

Locale only works with businesses and farms that produce the highest quality, responsibly sourced products. Check out their scrumptious selection of curated products here → https://www.shoplocale.com/ and get your Locale Box!

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