Oi Asian Fusion Best Local Filipino Food!

California is not only the largest state by population in the United States, but it also has the highest concentration of Filipinos outside of the Phillippines! That’s why there’s no surprise that Filipino restaurants have been popping up all around LA. Oi Asian Fusion, serving primarily Filipino rice bowls (think adobo, longanisa, and tapsilog) and the occasional fried chicken or burger, Oi aims to be a sub-$10 quick-service lunch option for the working neighborhood. Oi chef Eric de la Cruz is leaning heavily on his Filipino heritage, though there are nods to Korea and Japan in his cooking as well.



The Ribeye Bistek is their take on one of the most popular traditional dishes in the Philippines. It is normally made with tougher cuts of beef that are tenderized and slow-cooked with onions. Since they cook everything per order here at Oi, they use ribeye that is cooked medium to medium-rare in Ponzu! To top it all off, they garnish this delicious dish with shallots and a runny fried egg for added creaminess!

Contact Us: (213) 458-1945  or at oiasianfusion@gmail.com

HOURS Open Everyday
11am — 10pm

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