Support These Black-Owned Coffee Shops in Echo Park

coffee shop in echo park

As movements continue to make their mark on social media, activists are encouraging people to show their support in more tangible ways. Signing petitions and making donations is great, but you can also adjust your daily habits to show support. For example, next time you’re getting your morning coffee, you can swing by a black-owned coffee shop in Echo Park. Here are a few of our favorites.

Silverback Coffee of Rwanda

With two beautiful locales, one in Echo Park and another in Boyle Heights, Silverback Cofee of Rwanda is “born from adversity: cultivating unity.” Founder and CEO Jack Karuleta and his family spent a lot of time as Tutsi refugees from Rwanda. Now, as new leadership in Rwanda promotes reconciliation and regeneration, Jack’s coffee shop intends to help. Named after the Silverback gorilla native to Rwanda, Silverback Coffee imports coffee from there and shares it with Los Angeles. In doing so, they intend to “help the poorest coffee farmers realize their value, empower the human resources that make it possible for every Rwandan to become a part of a global economy, and celebrate the power of the human spirit every day.” You can buy their delicious coffee online or visit their shop at 1712 W. Sunset Blvd.


Owned by the team of Vanessa and Justine, this small coffee shop is a unique establishment. The pink and green facade immediately gives the locale an undeniable personality, plus their menu does not disappoint. They offer a wide array of coffee drinks, including the one evoked on the name itself, the Vanilla Bomb. They also have plenty of vegan food options so that you get to have something to eat along with your coffee. Lately, the team behind VanillaBlack has been very politically and socially active. They set up a memorial in honor of George Floyd on their storefront, participated in Black Lives Matter manifestations, and provided community resources. To grab some of their coffee, just swing by 1825 Sunset Blvd. You can also follow them on Instagram, where they continue to highlight the current movement.

Bloom & Plume Coffee Shop in Echo Park

Across Echo Park, Bloom & Plume will be immediately recognizable thanks to its vibrant purple exterior. Founded by local artist and florist Maurice Harris, Bloom & Plume prides itself on being “not just a coffee shop, but a community-oriented brand that wholeheartedly seeks to unite people.” Their approach is based on the South African philosophy of Ubuntu, meaning “I am because you are”. Their coffee shop in Echo Park is beyond beautiful, particularly because of the owner’s experience as a florist. However, it’s much more than that. Their menu includes both classic and new coffee and tea drinks, as well as plenty of breads, pastries, and plates to get with your drink. Whether you want to try something new or shake things up a bit, there is something here for you. You can order online through their website or visit them at 1638 W. Temple St.

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