Say Cheese and Enjoy Gourmet Food in Los Feliz

gourmet food in los feliz

On the corner of Hyperion Avenue and Monon Street, you will find one of the quaintest little cafes in Los Angeles. For over 36 years, Say Cheese has been a source of delicious gourmet food, fashionable food finds, and unique cheeses. Whether you are swinging by for a quick bite or getting something to crown a meal at home, Say Cheese will have all the right options for you. In their words, “owner and connoisseur Glenn Harrell collects the finest in edible fare – cheeses, chocolates, champagnes and much more – to be assembled in one convenient location.” How can you resist a place that offers the best gourmet food in Los Feliz?

Sandwiches and Gourmet Food in Los Feliz

Their cafe menu alone is a work of angels. They are well-known for their meat and their vegetarian menus, both of which have plenty of options for all tastes. Don’t forget to browse through their array of oven-toasted sandwiches. The feeling of different melted cheeses in your mouth is incomparable, after all. However, if sandwiches aren’t your thing, you can still enjoy some of their wonderful salads. They all make use of only the best and freshest ingredients. Don’t forget their brunch menu either, for it is sure to delight your Sunday mornings. Right now, you can easily order online for takeout and delivery.

Cheeses and Wines

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to the cafe menu. Their boutique is well-known for its extensive catalog of high-end gourmet food in Los Feliz. They have over fifty different cheeses on their menu, each of which is a delight in its own right. Additionally, Say Cheese’s catalog of champagne, wines, and beers can give you the perfect drink to pair with your cheese, your brunch, or dinner. For more information on what you can order, visit the Say Cheese website.

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