Swing By for the Best Brick Oven Pizza in Los Angeles

best brick oven pizza in Los Angeles

 A brick oven pizza is mouth-wateringly delicious. The best brick oven pizza in Los Angeles is also a wood-fired pizza. The pizza cooks differently from what it would be like in a conventional oven. The heated bricks ensure high temperatures and the pizza of your choice can cook the pizza in minutes.

The most authentic tasting pizzas

Those who are pizza enthusiasts will tell you that a wood-fired oven is the ultimate way to create the most authentic and most delicious tasting pizza.

Food adventurers will go to the ends of the earth to get their brick oven pizza fix, but when you’re in Los Angeles, you don’t have to go too far. If you’re a fan of delicious, finger-licking brick oven pizza, then there is good news for you.

best brick oven pizza in Los Angeles

The best flavors and tastes

Born out of a passion for all things pizza, the city’s legendary brick oven pizza entices locals and visitors from far and wide. The City of Angels knows that its residents thrive on all the different smokey flavors that the different woods give the pizzas.

Fresh healthy ingredients and perfect crusts, whether you enjoy thin- or thick-based pizzas, the quick cooking time ensures all the ingredients retain their goodness.

The best brick oven pizza in Los Angeles

If you want wood-fired pizza in Los Angeles that is considered the cream of the crop, you’ll find some great pizza joints to choose from. Look at Angelenos Wood Fired Pizza just to start with. The owners describe their place and their pizza fare as an explosive mix of vibe, craft, and deliciousness.

Situated in York Blvd, they create some of the best wood-fired handmade pizza you have ever had and made it in their authentic Italian brick oven. You won’t find fresher ingredients either.

Another place that is considered to be the best brick oven pizza in Los Angeles is Rosti Cuccina Italiana. Their fabulously trained chefs know how to use tasty cheese and garlic and other fresh herbs and wholesome ingredients to ensure it remains a firm favorite with Los Angeles locals and visitors.

Pizzas for special diets

Best brick oven pizza in Los Angeles pizzas also cater to vegetarians and those looking for gluten-free pizzas. There’s always a fresh salad to be had with their delectable wood-fired pizzas. You can either dine inside, outside or ask for their takeaway services.

Once people have visited Elio’s Wood Fire Pizza, they say that this is hands down the best pizza you can find in Los Angeles. Family-owned and operated, you can expect nothing but the freshest, tastiest ingredients, the flavors of the pizzas cannot be beaten.

Making the best of a bad situation with covid-19, they operate out of a parking lot in Silver Lake with lots of toppings and their wood-fired pizza oven. People who have used them say when you swing by for a pizza, you’ll definitely be back for more. 

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