The Best Sushi Spots Near Silver Lake Los Angeles

Silver Lake Los Angeles

People travel across the globe to sample California’s cuisine. Los Angeles is one of the world’s meccas for restaurants, culture, and diversity. And at this point, sushi is a staple part of California’s culture. Whether you’re looking for a classic California Roll or something with new-school flair, you’ll find it near Silver Lake Los Angeles.

Q Restaurant

If you’re looking to treat yourself, look no further than Q Restaurant. Like the restaurant’s name, Chef Hiroyuki Naruke puts forth the best flavors and ingredients in a simple package. The omakase-style menu allows you to sample different species of fish and preparations. You’ll be transported to Japan with Hiroyuki Naruke’s lunch omakase special, all on your lunch break.


Morihiro was founded by renowned sushi chef Morihiro Onodera. This high-end omakase restaurant showcases exquisite preparations and ingredients. What makes Morihiro unique is the simplicity and respect for the ingredients. If you can afford it, make a trip out to Atwater Village and see Chef Morihiro in action.


If you travel further west, you run into spots such as Matsumoto. This long-standing Beverly Grove sushi joint has everything from California Rolls to stunning omakase celebrations. The craziest part? It’s tucked neatly into a strip mall, making it a hole-in-the-wall spot true foodies can respect. Chef Naruki Matsumoto brings his roots from Nozawa and Hirozen, all stunning locations in their own right.

Sushi Gen

In the heart of Los Angeles, just outside Silver Lake, you’ll find Sushi Gen. You’ll find this iconic sushi spot tucked away in Little Tokyo. The affordable lunch sashimi special allows anyone and everyone to enjoy exquisite ingredients without breaking the bank. Don’t be fooled, though; the affordable prices don’t take away from the quality. Try Sushi Gen’s expansive nigiri menu from a booth, or sit at the bar for an authentic sushi experience.

Sushi Note

If you can make it out to the Hollywood Hills, we suggest Sushi Note. Sushi Note is one of the valley’s newest Sushi competitors. Chef Kiminobu Saito delivers an incredible omakase experience and wine tasting menu. Although uncommon, sushi and wine make for a fantastic pairing. Visit Sushi Note for their reasonably priced menu, pure ingredients, and homely service.

Sushi Near Silver Lake Is Hard To Beat

The California food scene is hard to beat. With diverse selections, pristine ingredients, and endless amounts of creativity, it seems every new restaurant is destined for greatness. Whether you’re visiting Q for an omakase experience, Sushi Gen for lunch, or find the perfect hidden gem, California has tons to offer at every price point. You can find incredible sushi spots near Silver Lake if you look hard enough.

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