Silver Lake Staple The Black Cat Open for Takeout and Delivery

the black cat

Located on Sunset Blvd, The Black Cat is a staple of Silver Lake. It is usually a very popular restaurant and bar. Under normal circumstances, it attracts quite a lot of people every night. Of course, right now you won’t see anyone sitting on their bars or lining down Sunset in order to get in. Social distancing measures have limited the operations of restaurants and bars in order to protect the clientele. However, even though you can’t come in and revel in the unique atmosphere and tasteful decorations, you can still enjoy their delicious food. The famed venue is offering takeout and delivery options. This way, you can continue to enjoy their menu while in quarantine.

The Black Cat

The Black Cat is more than just another Los Angeles restaurant. It has a long history that goes all the way back to the sixties. Back then, it used to be a bar. The venue saw one of the first instances of LGBT civil rights demonstrations, not just in Los Angeles, but in the whole country. In the subsequent decades, it went through different names and uses. In 2012, it reopened under its original name as a restaurant. If you have visited, you have probably seen photographs of its history and role in the 1967 manifestations displayed on its walls. The Black Cat is a declared Los Angeles historic-cultural monument. You can continue to support it during these times of social distancing.

Order Delivery or Takeout

If you wish to order from The Black Cat, you will be able to find them on Postmates. Here, you can order takeout if you are down for the walk or the drive, as well as delivery if you’d rather just wait at home for your food. Their delicious burgers, steaks, appetizers, and desserts are all available for you to order through the platform. It’s in times like these that we as a community must come together, support small businesses, and maintain social responsibility.

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