Tips To Promoting an Italian Restaurant In Silver Lake

Italian restaurant in Silver Lake

One of the things that most outsiders don’t know about Los Angeles is the considerable amount of Italian culture in the area. Italians and their descendants have been involved right from the very beginning in LA, and “Los Angeles is home to the nation’s fifth-largest Italian population today, and the Italian presence in the American West predates the nation’s founding” according to the Italian-American Museum of Los Angeles. This means that there is a considerable demand for Italian cuisine in the area, and there is always room for an Italian restaurant in the Silver Lake neighborhood. For restaurant owners planning to promote their new location in this region, Silverlandia has a few tips to help you stand out.

Promoting Through the Local Area

One way to ensure that the restaurant has a lively and returning trade is to engage with the local population. Offering discount tokens to neighbors and those who visit regularly can be one way to encourage visitors. Sometimes known as loyalty bonuses, restaurants can offer customers a token for their next visit, encouraging them to return. Another way to promote the restaurant to the local area is to have big discounts on certain items but encourage visitors to eat a whole meal. For example, discounted items can include sides and snacks, which will then be eaten with the main meal. Always remember to have a big promotion on the first opening night, or when the menu is changed so that local visitors will be drawn into the festivities and are more likely to eat on these occasions.

Italian restaurant in Silver Lake

Join In with The Local Events

In Los Angeles, it is extremely common for businesses to have different types of community events. This might include occasions when several local businesses get together and host a day of discounts or events to raise money for a community project such as a sports team or a nearby park. This can be extended to include big local locations, including festivals and nearby concerts that will drive tourist visitors towards the restaurant. Sometimes, community businesses will work together to host these events, so an important side of owning a restaurant is to mix with nearby businesses and network. This can be done through social media, or through joining in with a local site that offers users community outreach.

Promote Your Italian Restaurant in Silver Lake

For restaurant owners looking for ways to promote their business in Silver Lake, reaching out to a community website that offers networking and social events make good sense. Getting published in local pamphlets and information booklets and joining in mutual promotions with other local businesses can increase trade not only amongst tourists but also with the local community as well. Start making a name for your business by joining these networking events by becoming a member of the Silverlandia group. To find out more about how we can help you reach a wider customer base, contact us online or call us at (323) 772-6051 now.

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