VanillaBlack: A Black Female-Owned Coffee Shop in Silverlake

Coffee Shop In Silverlake

Working from home should not stop you from getting your daily caffeine intake. You might need coffee more than ever because you might feel demotivated and sluggish from never leaving your home. Meet VanillaBlack, a Black, female-owned coffee shop in Silverlake that can satisfy your cravings while keeping you energized for the day. 

VanillaBlack’s Story 

The story behind VanillaBlack is interesting in and of itself. Vanessa Butler, the owner, opened this coffee shop with her best friend Justine Zimbron in December 2017. Butler purchased the property, started the business, and managed it for the first few months with the help of her brother while living in Scotland. Even better, the incoming revenue from the shop gave Butler a golden opportunity for Butler to move back and start a new life in Los Angeles.

VanillaBlack is all about giving back to the community and creating new opportunities. Butler wishes to provide a more authentic and affordable option for her community to enjoy good quality coffee. One of the most affordable drinks VanillaBlack offers is the Neighborhood Brew, which is a 12-ounce coffee drink priced at a reasonable price of $3. Furthermore, VanillaBlack reflects Butler’s love and appreciation for her family, friends, and employees. 

Family and Friends

“The Vanilla Bomb is one of our specialty drinks named after one of our former baristas, and the Layla Latte was created by my best friend,” Butler said. “We’re really open to involving our baristas and our friends having an influence on what we offer to the community”. It is no doubt that Butler’s appreciation for her loved ones is what drives the business to success. 

VanillaBlack and COVID-19

Amidst today’s pandemic, VanillaBlack is open, implementing many safety precautions and practicing them daily to protect the community. The coffee shop is available for take-out and outdoor dining. This way, you can still enjoy the Black-owned goodness from the comfort of your home. Also, VanillaBlack employees have been wearing masks, washing their hands regularly, disinfecting surfaces, and asking customers to socially distance. 

Try This Coffee Shop in Silverlake

VanillaBlack, which is located at 1825 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles 90026, is open Monday through Thursday from 7 AM to 4 PM and Friday through Sunday from 7 AM to 6 PM. Click here to learn more about VanillaBlack and Vanessa Butler. 

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